MADISON HEIGHTS, Va. – June 5, 2018 – In an effort to focus more resources towards technology compliance, Integrated Technology Group has promoted Maleah Mortorff—IT Engineer and Liberty University graduate—to the position of Compliance Engineer. 

The new role includes working with ITG clients who are subject to compliance regulations, to determine their compliance needs—in terms of HIPAA and PCI—and just general good practices to help them work toward compliance. Maleah has been with ITG for about a year, and she shared that she has learned A LOT in the last year, especially since she came into the workforce more prepared for a programming-type job that her undergraduate education trained her for. In this past year, she’s learned several things that have helped her prepare for this new role.

Maleah comes from a background of very little computer-specific knowledge and anticipated a career in math or engineering, somewhat like her father, whose career centered around mechanical engineering. Once she arrived at Liberty, Maleah chose math as her major because it was something she was good at. However, she admits that stubbornness was the cause of her waiting until her last semester—when she felt she had few career opportunities —to double major in mathematics and computer science with a minor in business. The combination of encouragement from professors and mentors as well as her newfound interest in computers led her to career success and a job at ITG.

In her first year at ITG, she’s spent time understanding the nuts and bolts of how business network systems function and has worked specifically with data backups, which is a major component of many compliance regulations. That experience, paired with her recent experience in process documentation, and business continuity planning, has helped prepare her to function well as the new compliance engineer.  

Since being in this new role, Maleah says that she’s learned just how much there is to compliancy. “It’s not a well-defined area, even though there is a lot of documentation and many articles about HIPAA. It’s all very vague and open to interpretation. That’s why you must interpret in a way that will allow for efficient functioning for customer and clients as well as maintenance of documents and information,” she explains. 

When asked what she looks forward to most in her new position, she shared, “It’s a scary topic that most people avoid because there’s a lot to it. So, if I can simplify it and bring it to the client level, then that’s exciting to me. It’s definitely a lot of learning, but it’s a huge need and I look forward to exploring it.”

Paul Meadows, CEO of ITG, had this to say about Mortorff: “Maleah has shown a great deal of intelligence, as well as a strong desire to continue learning as evident in her continuing education in pursuit of a graduate degree while working full-time at ITG.  Her ability to work well with clients and her detail-oriented nature make her perfect fit for this position.”

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