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About The CVABC


Meet the Team

Welcome to the Central Virginia Business Coalition! An organization that strives to grow and promote businesses in our region and encourage our local economy to support local year round!


The CVABC is formally known as the Lynchburg Retail Merchants Association. Chartered in 1906, the Lynchburg RMA began helping small businesses in our area and continued it’s growth thru today where two years ago we rebranded into the Central Virginia Business Coalition due to the growth of the business types and region that we serve.

Support Local, Shop Local, Buy Local. It is the Mission of the Central Virginia Business Coalition to build a strong local economy and showcase the unique characteristics of our business community.

Visiting Angels joined the CVABC in December of 2019. Since joining the numerous connections we have made for both clients and vendors has been beneficial to our business. Being able to make friends with fellow business owners both big and small gives us a resource to learn from their success and to help us not to make a mistake they may have already learned along their business journey. The CVABC staff also makes sure to be active in the community so Visiting Angels has an opportunity to participate in events where our staff can interact with the communities we serve. I highly recommend this organization to businesses of any size!

– Mike Norfield, Owner Visiting Angels of Lynchburg

Alexa Young, CA

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